About Erica Flynn


I am Erica Flynn and I have decided it’s time to Stand Up for Wisconsin. I am the Democratic candidate for State Representative in the 84th Assembly District of Wisconsin.

I’m a Wisconsin native and first time political candidate. After the disappointment of the 2016 election, I decided it was high time I stepped up in my community. I became an activist and led demonstrations against the destructive policies of the Trump administration. I became a leader in the Indivisible and Not One Penny movements, and my Indivisible group received national coverage in ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine for our innovative protests.

I was raised by Tere, a single father, in Milwaukee. He gave up everything to raise me, his chosen adopted daughter, with no support from friends or family. He worked nights so that he could take me to doctor’s appointments during the day. I had asthma and bronchitis for many years, and was constantly getting pneumonia. After witnessing my 50th case of pneumonia, I bet he’s still better at diagnosing it than any doctor. My father taught me the values of love, dedication, and never, ever giving up.

I’m a project manager and have experience in the health insurance and financial technology industries--experience that will serve me well in the State Legislature. I’ve also lived abroad in China and continue to study Mandarin Chinese. I hold a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Kalamazoo College, Michigan. After college I returned home to Wisconsin.

When I decided I wanted to run for office, I knew I needed some training. I applied to Emerge Wisconsin, a group that trains Democratic women to run for office. I completed the four-month program with a group of incredible women who are all going to do amazing things as public servants. Out of the 24 of us, 22 are running for office in 2018!

I’m a part of the #BlueWave. Join me in Standing Up for Wisconsin!