Accept the Medicaid Expansion                                                      

By accepting the federal Medicaid expansion would allow Wisconsin to cover 80,000 more Wisconsinites with health insurance. This would actually save Wisconsin taxpayers $190 million dollars, because we won’t have to pay to cover people who will now be covered under Medicaid. Wisconsin has already turned away over $1 billion of our own dollars because we have not expanded Medicaid. Let’s expand Medicaid: cover more people and be fiscally responsible, too.

Create a BadgerCare Public Option

This would allow the public to simply buy into BadgerCare, regardless of personal income level. BadgerCare is cheaper than most insurance options for small businesses, and it would allow small business employers to offer health insurance to their employees at a lower cost. In addition, BadgerCare is a higher quality plan than could be purchased for the same amount in the private sector. Creating a BadgerCare public option would increase BadgerCare’s market share, and increase their price negotiating power with hospitals and other care providers. This would create a more competitive health care industry, forcing private insurers to lower prices in order to stay in the marketplace. Everyone would benefit from the lower overall healthcare cost.

Require Transparency in Prescription Drug Pricing

This would prevent price gouging of lifesaving drugs. We can require prescription drug companies to justify large increases in cost. Prescription drugs save lives, and drastically inflating their prices literally put lives in danger. Drug companies often use public funds to conduct research and development, and when it comes time for the public to consume those products, we should pay a fair price. No one is saying they can’t make a profit--they just can’t take advantage of people.



Restore Funding to our Public Schools and Universities

As State Representative, one of my top priorities will be restoring funding our public K-12 system and the University of Wisconsin system. If we want our children to grow up healthy, strong, and ready to take on the world. Let’s give them the tools to do that. I will work to restore the $1 billion in funding that was slashed from public education over the past eight years by the legislature. Wind down and eliminate voucher school programs that siphon away public dollars and put them into private schools--schools that hold no accountability to taxpayers. Restore a progressive tax structure so the very highest earners pay their fair share.

Treat our Educators like the Professionals they are

We want to attract the best teachers to our schools, that is why I support paying teachers for their dedication, skill, and experience. Teachers spend more waking hours with our children than parents do, so why wouldn’t we want the best teachers for them? Right now we have a teacher shortage. If we offer the best teaching environment, we can attract the best teachers.

Refinancing of Student Loans

It’s just silly that student loans can’t be refinanced, like just a mortgage or car loan. This is really the smallest change we could make to help people cope with the crushing debt of student loans. Besides allowing the refinancing, we should lower the cost of public university education, technical colleges, and promote apprenticeship opportunities.



  • Invest in home-grown Wisconsin businesses that benefit our local communities
  • Repair and improve infrastructure and mass transit
  • Make Wisconsin a leader in clean energy by investing in green jobs and start-ups


Gun Violence Prevention

  • Support background checks on all gun sales, closing loopholes for gun shows and private sales
  • Prohibit bump stocks and high-capacity magazines
  • Enact Red Flag Laws to prevent suicide and help a person in distress get the help they need



  • Protect our children from lead poisoning by funding a program to replace lead pipes
  • Protect Wisconsin’s tourism economy with strong environmental protections
  • Restore the Department of Natural Resources’ funding and put science back in the core of decision making



  • Allow those with chronic pain to consider cannabis for pain management, decreasing reliance and risk of opioid addiction
  • Legalize and decriminalize cannabis for medicinal and recreational use
  • Ensure those with non-violent cannabis offenses are released and their records expunged

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