• Accept the Medicaid expansion -- our own federal tax dollars -- to cover thousands more Wisconsinites
  • Create a BadgerCare public option and allow anyone to buy into a high-quality, affordable healthcare system
  • Require transparency in prescription drug pricing to prevent price gouging of lifesaving drugs


  • Restore funding to our public schools, because every child deserves a great school!
  • Treat our educators like the professionals they are, and attract the best teachers to our schools
  • Allow refinancing of student loans, like just a mortgage or car loan


  • Invest in home-grown Wisconsin businesses that benefit our local communities
  • Repair and improve infrastructure and mass transit
  • Make Wisconsin a leader in clean energy by investing in green jobs and start-ups

Gun Violence Prevention

  • Support background checks on all gun sales, closing loopholes for gun shows and private sales
  • Prohibit bump stocks and high-capacity magazines
  • Enact Red Flag Laws to prevent suicide and help a person in distress get the help they need


  • Protect our children from lead poisoning by funding a program to replace lead pipes
  • Protect Wisconsin’s tourism economy with strong environmental protections
  • Restore the Department of Natural Resources’ funding and put science back in the core of decision making


  • Allow those with chronic pain to consider cannabis for pain management, decreasing reliance on opioids and risk of opioid addiction
  • Legalize and decriminalize cannabis for medicinal and recreational use
  • Ensure those with non-violent cannabis offenses are released and their records expunged

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  • Erica Flynn